Sept 2010: The Fund Raiser Happy Ending

by Jill R.

Christmas in September!

Wednesday, Sept 1st, 2010 @ 1:30pm:

"It's celebration time! Not only did we just reach our goal... but we EXCEEDED our goal and raised a total of $240! So thanks to your generosity, the fund raiser is over... but stay tuned for a LOT of updates on this story."

After our online fund raiser ended on September 1, 2010 we had actually exceeded our goal of $200 and raised an amazing $240. But that’s not all! The following day, a cash donation was received in the mail from a generous group of military veterans who happen to know my father. They were touched by the support for a fellow soldier and wanted to participate.

So thanks to the generosity of those gentleman along with the amazing generosity of those of you who donated, we ended up having $290 in donations for beds for Kai and Patches! I am still blown away by the support and can’t find the words to thank you all enough!

Kai and Patches are very sweet, and the stress of living in a kennel long-term can be quite difficult to deal with. But now that we can give them a comfortable place to lay their cute little puppy heads, I hope that it’ll make their stay a more relaxing one!

So here’s the deal… I only intended to raise $200 so that we could ensure that each of these dogs got a nice comfy bed of their own, but now that we have $290… well… let’s just say that they ended up with a little more than that!

Please Note: My husband is probably one of the worst photographers in the world (sorry honey, but it’s true!) and so the pictures that accompany this story are… not great :) Nor are they plentiful. But you’ll get the gist.


Well… let’s start shopping!

Here I am with my pit bull (Gunner) who is also friend of Kai and Patches. We’re headed into Petco with the donated funds and are looking forward to spending every last penny!

And once we got inside... I grabbed a cart and headed straight for the beds!

I can assure you that I took my time and inspected every single bed that I thought was big enough. I even had Gunner test a few to see which ones he was most likely to get in/on. It probably took a good hour to choose the beds and spend the entire $290 but when we were all done, I could hardly wait to deliver the goods!

Here’s a breakdown of what your generosity purchased for Mr. Kai and Ms. Patches:

Bedding (as promised):

  • 1 Large Bed for Kai
  • 1 Medium Bed for Patches
  • 2 Super Soft Cuddly Blankets (seriously the softest blankets ever!), One for each :)

Items that will come in handy when we bring them home for more play-dates and over-night visits:

  • A 6 ft Rope Leash for Kai (he either doesn’t have one or it’s missing)
  • A Pink and Green Camouflage Collar for Patches (she didn’t have one and we thought her mom would really like that one!)
  • A Super Awesome Mesh Harness for Patches (because she’s strong and she needs to be secure when going out on a leash. Gunner has this same kind and we used it on her and she actually seemed to really like it so we thought she should have one of her own!)

Next was... Treats!

They get one treat every day at the kennel, but without having any treats of their own, they get the “house special” (which is basically a standard milk-bone treat) every single day.

Since they’ve already had the same treats every day for four months and they still have eight months to go, I thought they deserved some variety… something new to look forward to each day. So here are the treats we bought with the remaining funds:
  • 1 Treat Canister – Clear with Black Paw Prints to keep treats fresh!
  • Wellness WellBars – Chicken & Cheese flavor (my husband thought they might like that flavor)
  • 10 pack of Pedigree Dentastix (when they stayed the night I noticed that Kai’s teeth needed some love and attention)
  • Container of Gourmet Tails treats (they looked like chocolate cookie sticks!)
  • Pup-Peroni Beef Ribs treats
  • 2 Greenie Dental Treats

That should keep them happy for awhile!

And that, my friends, is what $290 bought at Petco :)

After we loaded up our purchases in the truck, my husband, Gunner, and I headed over to deliver the gifts to Kai and Patches. I must tell you, at this point my heart was pounding and I could barely sit still on the short ten minute drive over there! I was so excited to not only give them all this great stuff, but after the fun we had during our sleep-over, I feel that we’ve become even closer and I just look forward to every minute that I get to spend with these two amazing dogs. I often think that their mother must be such a wonderful person to have raised two incredible dogs like Kai and Patches… and as much as I love them, I can’t wait for them to be reunited with their mother.

When we arrived at the facility, we unloaded the goods and put Gunner out in the play yard with a few friends so that we could focus on Kai and Patches. But I must say, if you’ve never been inside a FULL boarding facility, it’s a very distracting environment in itself and it can be very noisy, which is why it didn’t work out for us to get video of this event… and unfortunately, our photographer was my husband :)

When we arrived at Kai and Patches kennel, they were very happy to see us and didn’t really notice all the stuff we had with us. This was the first time they had seen my husband since the sleep-over and we could tell that they were very happy that he came to visit them.

As I went to lay the two beds and the two blankets down on the floor, Patches came charging through and leaped up into one of the beds and happily wiggled around in it as I tried to put it in its place. She was so cute! Not too long after, Kai came in to inspect the beds as well and he climbed up into his and looked at me with his big brown eyes and just melted my heart… again.

We then put Patches’ new collar on her and she seemed to be beaming. She now wears it all the time and seems to really wear it with pride.

At this point, we realized that through all of the excitement, we really hadn’t gotten many pictures and I made it clear to my husband that this HAD to be done since the pictures were the only thing I had to offer to those who donated… along with the warm fuzzy feeling, of course :)

So we took a few, high energy, fuzzy pictures of myself, Patches, Kai, and one of the kennel owners’ daughters sitting in the beds attempting to hold still for the horrible photographer. So basically, it was a mess… but it was an awesomely fun and amazing mess… and we couldn’t have done it without all the wonderful people who donated and who passed along the story to help raise money.

Before leaving, we gave them each a kiss on the head and handed them a new treat.

In the days following that wonderful event, I continue to see the happy faces and wagging tails of Kai and Patches each day as they sleep in their new beds and enjoy their new treats! I even caught Patches and Kai curled up in the same bed napping… I really wish I’d had my camera that day!

Thanks again… you’ve truly helped to make a difference in the quality of life that these dogs lead and I’m sure their mother will be incredibly thankful.

I’ll continue to keep a close eye on them to make sure that their stress levels remain manageable and we’re looking forward to having another over-night visit in the future. I’ll be sure to give occasional updates on how their doing.

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good for them!
by: Anonymous

Wow, you got a lot for that money.

I'm glad that they got new treats too. And I've seen those blankets you got at Petco. They're actually nicer than any blanket I have for myself. Kai and Patches are going to be spoiled and that's great!

Give them hugs for me!

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