Sheba - from stray cat to family pet

by Barb
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Our Cat Sheba

Our Cat Sheba

About 14 years ago a half-grown black cat showed up at our house, thin and hungry - we couldn't figure out where she came from as we live in a rural area and she couldn't have just wandered onto our property.

She was about 10 - 12 weeks old and very wary of our family, but as soon as we offered her a can of sardines, she became our best friend!

Because of my husband's allergies, we have never been able to let Sheba live in the house, but she seems content to live outside in the summer, and then stay in our small barn with the goats and hens during the winter months.

Sheba has been a great companion for our daughter who is now in her teens, and used to follow her around as she toddled around our yard - she would even follow us on our walks around our property, which isn't usual for a cat.

Over the years she has watched on the side-lines as our mother hens have raised their chicks, and has never tried to catch them, she seems to know that our domestic animals are "off limits".

Sheba is now getting old and her hearing is not good and she is partially blind - but she has kept our barn mouse-free for the past 14 years, and has been a great pet too.

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Good Kitty!
by: Jill R.

Awww Barb... what a cute kitty!

Someone recently told me that the universe has a way of bringing us the right pets at the right time... whether we were looking for them or not... and whether we are ready or not.

Sounds like Sheba is where she was always meant to be.

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

Jill R.

P.S.- This is exactly what this topic is all about. Our pets are wonderful companions and sharing stories like this really makes people smile... and THAT is a great stress reliever :)

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