Sick and Tired with Conversion Disorder

by tifarrah
(sacramento california)

So to answer the question, yes I have had many unusual stress symptoms due to the fact that I have a very rare disorder known as a conversion disorder. I was diagnosed at 14. My parents would have a lot of arguments with my sister and I hated it. I would scream and beg for the arguing to stop I would go into the bathroom and cry and when I was done crying I would suddenly find I couldn't move my legs. For some reason my mom was calm about it and she would walk me around the house until I started walking again. This happened two times and on the third I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Tests were done but I was perfectly healthy. The next day I was let out of the hospital in a wheel chair cause I couldn't walk. I went to my neurologist who diagnosed me with a conversion disorder and I went to a therapist who explained what that was.

Basically when you're under a lot of stress, sometimes your body reacts by displaying physical symptoms it could be as simple as a headache or like for me more seriously you could lose the ability to walk or talk or move your right arm. All of which I had happen. You could even lose your vision, which thank goodness hasn't happened yet but yeah. I also have problems lifting my neck or sitting up. But the interesting thing is I get these feelings in my body right before it happens a tingling sensation or a weighed down feeling in parts of my body. Now this won't happen to many people cause its rare but those are the symptoms I get and hopefully it explains a lot you can also read up on conversion disorder on the search engine if you want to learn more or ask me.

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