Open Your Eyes and Take a Leap of Faith

...continued from my story on finding passion

If I was going to look for something new, I wanted to go into it with my eyes open and armed with as much information as I could find. After some research, I thought freelance writing sounded ok. I could do that and still keep my Accounting job until I was making enough money to do it full time. And even though freelancing still didn't feel quite right, I pushed forward in my research on how to become a freelancer.

Through my research, I found that I would need a website. This would tell the world about me, my freelancing business, and showcase my work. But the more I got into it, the more uneasy I felt. I worried that this type of writing wasn't what I needed.

Part of the reason for this drastic career change was to enjoy my freedom, creative and otherwise. Freelancing still comes with deadlines and often the subject matter is pre-specified. I wasn't sure that would give me the kind of freedom I was seeking and desperately needed.

Then one day, while doing research on how to set up a website, I stumbled across Site Build It (or SBI as many people call it). SBI told me that with no experience building a website, I could take any passion and turn it into a business. I didn't even need a product or a service.

Just build a website?

Whoa! Hold on here. I was looking for a simple web host to build my profile for my new freelancing career. I thought this SBI thing was way more than I was looking for. But I read on anyway...

Confusion and Caution

I landed on the I Love SBI page. I read everything and watched every video. Remember, I'm an analyzer. The one thing that kept sticking out to me was the idea of following your passion (whatever it is) and making money doing it... all from home.

Well that's exactly what I was looking for. But I'm a skeptic. I'm afraid of the "get rich quick" schemes that don't really work. But this seemed different... very different. They didn't promise that it wouldn't require hard work. Quite the opposite. No one claimed that they "quit their job within a month!" or anything else that seemed too good to be true.

However, what they did say, was that through hard work and no prior knowledge of website building, they would hold my hand and help me build a successful website about anything.

Suddenly I felt very conflicted. This SBI thing wasn't exactly what I was originally looking for. It could definitely hold my information for my freelance business (that I hadn't even started yet)... but if what they said was true, I wouldn't have to freelance. I could build a website about anything I wanted and felt passionate about, and they would teach me how to make it profitable.

It seemed like the best of both worlds. I would be able to write without the deadlines from others and without being told what my subject matter would be. Total creative freedom!

But this wasn't an easy decision for me. Remember, I'm a skeptic. But I suddenly found myself feeling less and less excited about freelancing. However, I also felt freelancing was the safer bet if I was going to be successful enough to quit my Accounting job some day.

I knew nothing about website building. Nothing.

After a lot of thought (and reading SBI's case studies) I decided to take a leap of faith and decided not to freelance.... and just build a website instead.

Turning Your Passion Into a Business

With SBI, you need no advance skills (other than basic computer knowledge), you don't even need to know what your site will be about... all you bring to the table is yourself and your motivation... SBI brings the rest. And they bring it by the truckload!

To begin with, they help you figure out what your site should be about. By researching your passions, they can help you discover what's in demand and what's not. And then step-by-step through video guides, written guides, and a forum like no other, Site Build It gives you everything you need to build a successful website.

That's exactly how this website was built... and still is being built... it's always a work in progress.

Once I started, it wasn't difficult for me to come to the conclusion that my site should be about managing stress. It's a subject that I know a lot about!

My hypnotherapist passed away from cancer about three months after I started this site. But the lessons he taught me will last a lifetime, and my intention is to pass those on to you. Much like conquering stress, following your dreams is not impossible.

After starting, my stress dissipated in front of me. Before, I took my work stress home with me at night and carried it into every aspect of my life and my relationships with others. And it's still amazing to me how one profound change in your life can reverse that damage. Taking a leap of faith, throwing fear and reason out the window, and following my dreams was beyond worth it.

Building a SBI website is much more than simply building a website... it's building a business and it's a lot of work. I'm not going to sugar-coat it. But the rewards are limitless. I spend a lot of time building and creating this website and I love every second of it. Even though I haven't quit my Accounting job yet, I can see it in the future. I have hope again. It's amazing how hope can be so powerful that it strips away layers of stress and worry.

Finally... Total Creative Freedom!

Many people ask me how I do it. How did I begin to make my dreams come true? How did I restore passion and hope in my life? I always tell them that I did it with SBI. The great thing, for me, was that it is totally risk free. I could try it and get my money back if I decided it wasn't what I wanted.

Do you want to restore passion and hope in your life? You can. You don't have to waste another day living without it.

Try SBI risk free!

You won't have to give up your day job, you can work on your site as much or as little as you want with no deadlines... so what have you got to lose?

Feel free to click here if you have any questions at all about building your own website through SBI. If I didn't truly believe in it, I wouldn't be telling you about it. But if you're at all skeptical, like I was, ask as many questions as you need to help you make the "eyes open" informed decision that's best for you.

Stay at Home Mom's are Discovering SBI!

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Update: Fall 2009

A lot has happened since I embarked on this journey. Although it's still a lot of work, the rewards just keep getting better and better. I recently decided to take my skills and my business to the next level and have become a Certified Stress Management Coach. I'm very excited to be able to begin working with my site visitors one-on-one to help them begin living a less stressful life!

Update: Jan 2011

Being with SBI has brought on another exciting journey for me as this month I decided to start a 2nd SBI website! Not only am I passionate about stress management, but I have a passion for animals and in particular, rescued dogs.

My new website is and I'm really excited to have another outlet for the things I enjoy most! Life is full of excitement these days thanks to the joy, fulfillment, and opportunities I get by being a website owner.

Update: March 2011

The totally unexpected has happened and SiteSell (the company that owns and operates SBI) has offered me a full time position on their support department!

That was a very unexpected side effect of being an SBI website owner and I'm very excited to continue building my 2 SBI sites and enjoy helping others as well through the SiteSell support department! I'll be officially joining the team in April and I can't wait!

If you've ever considered having your own website, SBI is the way to go! You never know where this road may lead you but I can assure you that it will be exciting!

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