Stress and Acne

Are Stress and Acne Related?

Yes. When we're stressed, acne symptoms can become much worse. One of the reasons has to do with our diet. It's not uncommon for people who are under pressure or anxiety to eat unhealthy foods which can increase the severity of acne.

In addition to a poor diet, stress alone effects acne in two ways.

First, our adrenal glands begin to secret a "male hormone" called Androgens. These hormones increase the secretion of sebum which causes the formation of acne.

Second, stress weakens our immune system and our defenses against flare-ups. During tense times, an inflammatory response can begin to happen creating pressure and redness around pores... ultimately resulting in acne.

stress and acne

So how can you help to control your acne outbreaks due to stress?

The most important thing is to first learn to manage your stress. The sooner you can return your body to normal after this heightened state, the less likely you are to experience symptoms of stress.

In addition learning how to prevent stress can help you control these acne outbreaks before they even start!

stress and acne

When we're stressed, not only can acne become worse, but our skin condition in general can become worse. One of the best ways to combat that is through an all-natural skin care routine such as the one described in the e-book Naturally Skinsational.

This book teaches you how to quickly and easily use products already in your kitchen to create a skincare line that can have dramatic results on the health of your skin. I personally use the recipes in this book and my skin has never been healthier. In fact, I have noticed that outbreaks due to stress have become less common and less severe when I'm taking good care of myself and my skin.

If you need additional help fighting stress and acne check out my Ten Tips for Stress Management.

How does stress affect health?

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