Stress and Cancer

The Link Between Stress and Cancer

While it has never been proven that stress is a cause of cancer, it's always up for debate.

However, stress can cause many different symptoms and side effects that have led some researches to believe there is some kind of cause and effect link between cancer and stress. But it has yet to be proven.

On the other side, studies have shown that stress can have an effect on cancer that has already developed. It's believed that because stress can reduce our ability to heal ourselves and effect our immune system, that it can cause the growth and spread of cancerous tumors.

stress and cancer

In addition, many people believe that there is a sort of spiritual connection between happiness (or people who carry less stress) and healing of illnesses such as cancer.

One thing is for sure, being overly stressed can definitely reduce the enjoyment in life - with or without cancer.

Keeping spirits high and stress low should ultimately be a goal for anyone facing serious illness.

Check out this incredibly moving story about living with cancer. Crazy Sexy Cancer icon is aimed at bringing light and hope into the world of cancer.

And learn how to manage stress to reduce the chances that it will creep into your life and decrease your immune system when you need it the most.

Click here for information on cancer and the physiological side effects of stress.

How does stress affect health?

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