Stress and Chest Pain

Stress and Chest Pain: How Serious is It?

Anytime you experience chest pain it can be scary. The tightening sensation and pressure and sometimes difficulty breathing would put anyone on edge.

While chest pain can be a sign of a heart attack, more often it's a symptom of another condition. Often, stress is the culprit.

Stress can cause chest pain for many different reasons. When we become stressed many different physical and physiological responses begin to happen within our bodies. Our muscles tighten, our heart rate increases, as does our respiration rate.

Many of these things can bring on chest pain.

stress and chest pain

Chest pain can also be one of the scariest symptoms of a panic attack. Panic attacks are often described as feeling like a heart attack and often times people will head to the emergency room with the fear that they're dying and/or experiencing an actual heart attack.

The fear (or panic) associated with these conditions often makes the symptoms worse - it's a vicious cycle. The more panicked you become, the worse the symptoms are and the worse the symptoms are, the more panicked you become.

Remaining calm during a panic attack or when experiencing any type of chest pain is key. Slow deep breaths can help to reduce some of the symptoms and reduce the surge of adrenaline in your body.

Stress and Chest Pain: Other Possible Conditions:

  • Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux
  • Gall Bladder problems
  • Back Pain radiation through to the chest

Any time you experience chest pain, it's important to see the assistance of your doctor. Because of the possible seriousness of this symptom, it's crucial that you get an official diagnosis and confer with your doctor on treatment options.

In addition, maintaining healthy stress levels through effective stress management.

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How does stress affect health?

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