Stress and Diabetes

Stress and Diabetes: Time to Take Action

When we become stressed, our bodies begin to take action in what is commonly referred to as the "fight or flight" response. One of the things that happens within us is the increase in hormones and energy resulting in high blood glucose levels.

When stress isn't handled effectively, the heightened state of our bodies is maintained longer than is necessary or helpful. For people with diabetes, this creates additional cause for concern when glucose begins to pile up in the blood.

People with diabetes aren't as able to control their blood sugar levels naturally which can result in many different health risks.

stress and diabetes

To maintain proper blood sugar levels, a proper diet and exercise program is necessary. And depending on the type of diabetes, additional medical intervention (such as insulin injections) may be necessary.

When we're stressed, we're often left feeling tired and unmotivated. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program can become difficult and be put off.

By failing to help your body naturally with blood glucose levels, the effects on your body can be damaging.

For people with stress and diabetes, finding ways to manage stress is a key factor in good health. Learning how to incorporate stress management activities on a regular basis will help to keep your stress from making it more difficult to effectively manage your diabetes.

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How does stress affect health?

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