Stress and Pregnancy

Stress and Pregnancy: It's not all bad

Our lives are stressful enough to begin with. We have work, school, families, and many other commitments that drain our time and energy on a daily basis. Then, when you throw in the big (and exciting) news that a new member is joining the family additional pressures are bound to arise.

But here's something you may not know: Some stress is good!

In fact, stress and all the changes that come with it is quite necessary at times. Childbirth is definitely one of those times. The changes that happen to our minds and bodies during times of intense pressure and excitement help us to get through some of those big and important moments in life.

When you become initially stressed, adrenaline kicks in giving you more energy and heightened senses. Often, these changes within our bodies also help to alleviate some level of pain.

stress and pregnancy

However, if you're carrying more stress than you should during your pregnancy, it can become harmful for you and your baby. In fact, very high levels of stress can sometimes cause premature delivery. However, it's not all that common.

It is more common for you to suffer from the normal symptoms of stress including fatigue, mood swings, changes in appetite, and high blood pressure. In addition, the changes in your body (and your life) due to pregnancy can sometimes be stressful within themselves. So be sure to talk to your doctor about what to expect during your pregnancy to help alleviate some of the anxiety of uncertainty.

Maintaining healthy stress levels during your pregnancy will allow you to relax and enjoy this special time in your life. And while there are many different options for stress management exercises be sure you talk to your doctor about which ones are safe for you and your baby during pregnancy.

If you get the okay from your doctor, try this Prenatal Yoga DVD.

How does stress affect health?

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