Stress Management at Work:
Conquering Stress in the Workplace

Finding ways to practice stress management at work could be the difference between breezing through your work day and suffering through your work day.

It's no surprise that many people experience stress at work on a regular basis.

A Study by Northwestern National Life found that 40% of workers reported that their jobs were "very or extremely" stressful.

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Yet, many people do not take the time to form a plan or find ways to manage their work related stress... at work. A lot of people who experience work stress wait until cocktail hour to even think about managing their stress while others don't do anything to cope at all other than venting to anyone who'll listen.

Sound familiar? If so, here are some tips to help you build a plan for stress management at work:

Make the most of your lunch hour.

Regardless of how much time you get for your lunch break, you should take that time to de-stress.

Plan meals in advance. By bringing your lunch to work you can accomplish several things that will help you manage your stress at work. First, you ensure that you have something to eat and hopefully, what you pack for yourself will be healthy and include snacks for later in the day. Trying to manage stress on an empty stomach is like trying to run in mud. It's very difficult.

stress management at work

Taking time to pack a healthy lunch will help you keep your energy up throughout the afternoon and keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. This will have a direct impact on how you feel throughout the day and how you are able to manage stressful situations.

Another benefit of planning your meal in advance is time. Instead of spending half of your lunch hour trying to figure out what you will eat, you can use that time to relax. Take a walk if the weather is nice. Read a book or listen to relaxing music with your mp3 player. Involve others and start a daily card game or book club. Regardless of what you do, by planning in advance, you can use your lunch hour to your advantage to practice stress management at work.

Create a peaceful space.

finding ways to make your space comforting will help with your stress at work.


Use pictures that make you happy. Hang them on your bulletin board, place them in frames on your desk, or load them onto your computer (if you're allowed to). Seeing pictures of familiar people, places, or animals throughout the day can make you smile and feel better when you're facing stress and deadlines.


Aromatherapy can be a wonderfully relaxing tool. However, at work there are probably limits to what you're allowed to do. For example, most employers will not allow you to burn candles in the office, and you'll want to be mindful of the smell sensitivities others around you may have. So be sure to check out the section on aromatherapy for stress to see my tips on using aromatherapy at work.


Keeping your area organized at work will not only please your boss, but it will help you to feel less overwhelmed and stressed. Many people believe that de-cluttering your environment (at work and at home) can also help you to de-clutter your life and lessen your stress.

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Finding ways to practice stress management at work is quite easy when you have the right tools. And by using these tools, you will not only reduce your stress while you are at work, but you'll be laying the ground work for having a less stressful evening at home too.

When you come home from work feeling less stress, your family will notice and the time you spend together will become much more enjoyable.

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