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How does your body display stress symptoms?

Have you experienced an unusual symptom of stress? How does your body let you know that you are stressed?

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The Physical Effects of Stress and Tension 
Where to begin? Actually, I can almost pin-point it. 1. 8 years ago I began to develop a reflux to certain "fatty" foods after poor eating habits for …

Head tight and swimming 
When I get stressed my head starts to feel tight and swimmy especially at the back of my neck. It's always the biggest sign to me that I need to relax …

I Can't Sleep 
When I'm stressed out, I have a hard time falling asleep. As soon as I lay down, my mind goes into over drive and starts re-playing everything that happened …

strange symptoms due to stress Not rated yet
I didn't use to know that my stress symptoms were stress related. My stress caused me to not be able to walk. But the name for my symptoms was a disorder …

Sick and Tired with Conversion Disorder Not rated yet
So to answer the question, yes I have had many unusual stress symptoms due to the fact that I have a very rare disorder known as a conversion disorder. …

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