Stressed out life? Are you stuck with Chronic Stress?

Living a stressed out life may seem impossible to overcome and there are many people who simply believe that they are stuck with stress forever. As if chronic stress was something they were born with and are doomed to have forever.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

As a whole, Americans live in a very stressed society. Many of us face stress at work as well as at home. But can someone really be struck with the fate and destiny of a stressed out life?

The answer is Yes and No.

No, I don't believe that anyone's destiny is to live a stressful life, but yes, I believe that some are doomed with it because they cannot find their own way out. Life is full of choices, and choosing not to manage your stress properly is a choice you make.

However, with that said, I do believe that some of us face more difficult situations than others, and may be challenged to manage stress more often than others. People in these types of situations are often faced with chronic stress, or stress that is sustained over a long period of time. But it isn't anything that any of us are stuck with if we don't want to be.

stressed out life

Destiny and fate have nothing to do with stress.

Stress is a very personal reaction. Someone who believes that they live a stressed out life tend to have difficulties accepting their own role in holding onto and taking on additional stress. But the greatest thing that our stressed society as a whole should learn is that when it comes to stress there is a choice.

You can let it fester and take over your life or you can learn to effectively manage and even prevent it.

Chronic stress is not an incurable disease. It's not something you're afflicted with... and that's good news.

Again, some may face a larger quantity of difficult situations, or perceived difficult situations, but that has nothing to do with the amount of stress a person has. The key isn't in the amount of difficulties one faces, the key is how each person handles those difficulties.

You are responsible for your stressed out life.

Want proof? Have you ever spent time with someone who was severely disabled? Their lives are full of difficulties that many of us could never fathom. They face daily struggles to survive, take care of themselves, and complete basic tasks that many of us take for granted. On top of that, they may also face ridicule and social isolation. Not many would argue that these are difficult situations.

However, there is one person who may argue with the previous statement... the disabled person facing these situations. I have heard many say that they don't even believe that they are disabled, but instead, they are "abled". And I believe them. Many of them are more able to handle life and stressful situations than the rest of us. I have never been around someone in a wheelchair (for example) who complains about how horrible their life is and what a stressed out life they lead due to their "disability". Yet, many fully functioning humans stress and complain about much less... myself included at times.

If you still believe you have been afflicted with a stressed out life, may I offer you the reassurance that your condition is not terminal, except by your own choice.

Your stress may very well have a serious impact on your health, and could lead to serious complications, symptoms of stress, and greatly reduce the quality of your life. But you can decide today, tomorrow, or any other day to change the course of your life. All you have to do is take control and run your life instead of letting your life run you.

So how do you get started?

stressed out life

Educate yourself. We're lucky enough to be living in a time where you can educate yourself on almost any subject of your choosing for free! To be reading these words, you must have access to the internet, which is full of useful, free information, including quite a bit on this website.

Don't misunderstand. If you've been living with chronic stress, it may be difficult to take those first steps and regain control of your life. I know because I've been there. But I also know that it's possible to live a happier, healthier, less stressful life. And putting in the work it takes is worth it.

Learn about Relaxation Therapy and the causes of your stress.

Learn more about stress itself, the symptoms of stress, and how to begin to introduce effective stress management into your life. Stress is not insurmountable. You can change the destructive course you are on and live a less stressful life. But don't do it for me or anyone else, do it for you, because you are savvy enough to realize that living a stressed out life can only continue if you choose to let it.

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