How are you surviving the recession?

Surviving the recession with your nerves in tact can be tricky. There's no doubt that the current state of the economy has caused many people to experience additional stress which has carried over into many aspects of their lives.

surviving the recession

In many cases, the economic recession has forced us to make some big changes in our lives and challenge us to be more creative with how we spend our time and money. would like to hear from you! Your submission will be featured on its own page and other readers will be able to leave comments and even rate your story.

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How are you being creative in saving money and surviving the recession?

Do you have a great idea on inexpensive entertainment? Have you found ways to have fun and save money? Are you helping others in your family or community get through the tough times? We want to hear your positive survival tips and ideas!

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I Am Learning to Laugh at Myself! 
Eight months ago I lost my job as a financial executive, and it has been a difficult time for me and my family, as it has been - and is - for millions …

Hard Times Breed Creativity 
We are struggling. My family is struggling. Thankfully we rent an apartment and don't own a home because I'm sure that if we did, it would be gone by now. …

Grow Your Own Vegies 
I'm a gardener from way back, and growing my own organic vegies is something I have done no matter where I have lived or what my financial situation. …

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