Ten Tips for Stress Management

These ten tips for stress management are here to help you understand some of the things that are important in your journey for a less stressful life. Are you ready to get started?

Top Ten Tips for Stress Management

# 1 – Keep an Open Mind (try things you wouldn’t normally try)

One example is hypnosis. Many people are afraid, unsure, or simply unwilling to try hypnosis for stress relief. However, it’s a very popular stress management tool for a reason… because it’s extremely effective! Hypnosis is just an example, but when you’re trying to find ways to manage your stress, don’t be afraid to try something new.

# 2 – If at first you don’t succeed try, try again!

Not everything will instantly relieve your stress. Sometimes you need to try the same thing multiple times to see the results you expect… and sometimes you just need to try something different. Either way, don’t ever give up on finding effective ways to manage your stress, and don’t discount an activity just because it doesn’t make your stress magically disappear after the first use.

If that happened, you wouldn't need Ten tips for stress management, you'd only need that one!

# 3 – Have fun

There are more ways to relieve stress than you could even imagine. And while relaxation therapy is a great tool, having fun is just as important. Smiling, laughing, dancing, and singing can all have a dramatic impact on your mood. Plan for a game night with some friends or enjoy a day out at the park with your kids… whatever you do, don’t forget that having fun is a crucial part of a balanced life.

ten tips for stress management

# 4 – Don’t Settle for Just One Tool

If you take a bath every time you’re stressed and it works great for you, then that’s all you need… right? Nope. Not even close! You need to have an entire “toolbox” of ideas and stress management activities at your disposal. Otherwise, what do you do when you’re stressed out because your flight has been delayed? You can’t take a bath in the middle of the airport. It’s important to learn and practice many different stress management activities that are effective for you and are useful in many different situations in life.

# 5 – Think Outside the Box

As I said before, relaxing isn’t the only way to effectively relieve stress and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s a good idea (and sometimes fun) to put on your creative hat and think outside of the box to find ways to relieve stress. Did you know that many people report feeling better about themselves, their situations, and feel less stress after volunteering? Did you know that spending time with your pet or even spending time taking care of a plant can also reduce your stress? Be sure you’re not boxing yourself in by thinking of stress management as simple relaxation.

We’re halfway through our Ten Tips for Stress Management…. do you feel inspired yet? I hope you’re beginning to think about all the different ways you can make managing your stress an easy and everyday part of your life. Ready for more tips? Let’s continue with…

# 6 – Involve Others

Social activity and sharing connections with others is a great way to relieve your stress and theirs. Sometimes even just sitting down for a nice conversation with an old friend can go a long way in making you feel like you’re not alone.

# 7 – Document Your Progress

Using a stress management journal is a great way to not only relieve your stress by allowing you to vent on paper, but it’s also a great way to track your progress. By keeping track of your stress management efforts, you’ll be able to learn many different things about yourself along the way.

The Stressful Lives Stress Management Workbook includes a tool to help you learn how to make the most of your stress management journal by teaching you what kinds of things are important to record as well as helping you to identify important bits of information that you can learn from. It also includes five other tracking tools that can make your stress management journey a breeze. This Workbook also expands on the ideas of these ten tips for stress management to help you really understand their importance.

# 8 – Avoid Stimulants and Depressants

Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase your nervous energy and your stress. Avoid it if at all possible. However, if you normally consume large amounts of caffeine, back off slowly to avoid having side effects (such as headaches) from withdrawal. In addition, avoid alcohol and other depressants. Among other things, alcohol can have a negative impact on your mood and your ability to get some much needed rest during stressful times.

# 9 – Be aware of your “good” stress

Remember that not all stress is bad. Good stress, also known as eustress, is necessary in many different ways and for different reasons. A certain level of stress is necessary to keep life interesting and enjoyable. In addition, the stress responses in our body are there to protect us if we are in real danger. So learn to become aware of when your “normal stress level” (which is good for you) crosses the boundary and turns into bad stress.

# 10 – Keep it up

Stress Management isn’t about doing breathing exercises every once in a while. It’s about making positive changes and choices in your life to manage and maintain healthy levels of stress. To maintain healthy stress levels, you should make your efforts ongoing and incorporate some stress relieving techniques into your everyday life. When you’re able to do that, without even knowing it, you’ll actually begin to prevent your stress and reduce the severity of your stress when it occurs.

These Ten Tips for Stress Management are essential to living a balanced and less stressful life.

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Ten Tips for Stress Management

If you need additional assistance with your stress management journey, The Stressful Lives Stress Management Workbook is your road map guiding you step-by-step through the maze of opportunities that lead to a less stressful life.

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