The Big Bosshole!!

by Name Removed
(Somewhere in the States)

I work at a *details removed* firm that prides itself on treating employees with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, they let this "bosshola" in the company and have left the *profanity removed* unchecked.

She is the epitome of evil! She is in her 50's and smokes like a muffler and stinks! They told all employees to smoke in the designated areas. Not this bosshole, she goes on the loading dock and then walks into the big dumpster so the other directors do not see her smoking in the "non smoking " areas. That's right, she walks into a gigantic dumpster with trash to smoke her cigarettes!!

How about that!! She smokes with trash!! She then scolds the subordinate employees for smoking! Who the hell are you to scold others you frumped up prune potty dancer?

Her management style is that of Hitlers sister, and she is just a stupid turd dictator that bellows out the most insane orders! Everyone just nods their heads and says "Yes your highness majesty". What slice of crazy did you eat this morning?

So they won't get fired all her subordinates agree with this Joan Collins wannabee.. "Uh huh yes your highness, we agree with you, you crazy sack of potatoes. Oh yes we like them too, Oh yes we hate them too. Oh yes you are so funny hahahahahahah. Your jokes are so funny you should be on late night comedy...

*Admin Note: I also removed a couple of paragraphs of insults at this point in the story. I understand the need to vent but I want to be careful that we don't cross the line here :)*

If something good happens to you she will try to destroy it because she is jealous!

People despise her so much that one former female employee threw a note pad at her in a meeting!

Every fourth quarter she goes out of her way to insult all of her subordinates and their work in her sleazy efforts to get people pissed off and angry. If she succeeds, she will be able to give bad performance reviews to these people that are more knowledgeable about the job than she is.

Her jealousy is apparent in everything she does. She and her underlings mock the attractive and smart women at our company. Deplorable. And also her comments about men are disgusting.

What do you expect? She looks at everyone's crotches like shes shopping for bananas! Well maybe she is!!

She changes her mind constantly days before a major project rollout and blames everyone when the changes are too hard to incorporate.

Menopause has clicked in and she is more evil than ever. She shut down our satellite sales office that was profitable so that she would look like a "ballbuster" to the execs. Guess what? They didn't give a damn about it or the cost savings and she sacrificed 45 people and their careers and financial wellbeing because she wanted to look like she knew what she was doing.

What she did do is destroy our sales machine and to date we haven't recovered.

She deploys "spies". That's right spies. She tells employees that if they spy for her and report what's being said she will spare them when the big layoff happens. That's right like a freakin' *Yikes! Insult removed.* she tells people to spy!

She also listens in on business calls as she has a code the telephonies gave her. Then she calls you in and says "Oh blah blah blah I overheard you talking to *Name Removed* and I don't want you talking to them anymore because I am now head of that project". Oh yeah you cross eyed turd! You couldn't manage your way out of a paper grocery bag! If you did I would be surprised.

She will get hers! We all can hear her arguing with her husband constantly. "Name Removed, I am tired of waiting on building our sun room. You approve the plans now!!!". This poor bastard she is married to the guy is turning 40 and she complains and moans that she has to do a party for him and what a baby he is because he wants a party and how she should spend the money on herself and go shopping.

Honey, you should only go shopping if they are having a 2 for one "get some class sale" so at least you could try to have some sophistication. Her poor husband, this guy must have lost a bet to marry her. Really what the heck was he thinking?

Well, I didn't go in this weekend to work as I decided she would try to screw me either way so why bother? Maybe she will choke on her cigarette and do us all a favor by having a near death experience and realize what a bosshole she is and then repent for her nastiness. Until then, I am making a pinata with a likeness of her and will bring it to the office for cinco de mayo so everyone has a crack at this jacka** in effagy.

Thank you for letting me vent!!! Gracias and lets have a whack at the jacka** bosshole!!!

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They are everywhere
by: Gail

They are everywhere. They've multiplied and occupy a desk in every company.

I had a woman tell me one day that the reason she started her own business was not because she wanted to make money. But it was because she wants to choose the people she works with.

I'm not sure if you're located in the U.S.A. But I think one of the reasons we have been voted low on the scale for "happiness" in a major study recently is because of the negative work enviornments.

Everyone I know hates their job. And when I probe deeper on what is that they hate, it usually comes around to a Big Bosshole and their jacked up policies.

Here is one of my issues. I remember when companies were paying top dollar for management consultants and inspirational coaches to come in and do presentations. Tom Peters anyone...and these people would tell them they need to be positive, treat their employees as customers, be innovative, try new things and create new ideas for running the company and evaluating the products.

Oh Poppycock! No one is doing any of that. Tom Peters made millions or more promoting that maybe a handful of companies were productive and creating value. But for the most part, these positive thinking getaways fell on death ears.

I don't see any innovation nor fun enviornments anymore(unless you should be so luck to be 25 and work for google and play foosball when you want). But in general most companies are just dead. People are mean. And employees are unhappy.

So when the enviroment just gets to much, the big bosses decide "let's just lay off people." But they never get rid of the Bossholes who are causing the problems. At least this has been my experience.

I'm sorry I'm jaded. I think we have loss our way. Work enviornments suck. And you're finding a lot of younger people traveling and blogging and trying their darndest to find some way to make income where they don't have to interact with these "dream killers".

Yes they are "dream killers". I pity their familes and poor children.

Anyway I'm glad you vented. I needed a vent too.

I'm sick of Big Bossholes myself.

Yes, We Have Toxin Bosses
by: Anonymous

I agree with your comments 100%. I have more than one boss, all of which make a six figure income. I can't imagine making a six figure income.
I can't share the ongoing incidents I am under because if it reaches the wrong person, I see the schemes of trying to ruin my career even greater.
In all of my career I have never worked in this type of environment. What happen to the positive role models? Our Country is in need of leaders to build up, not tear down. Creativity is needed to get smarter about our business practices, however, if you are view as a threat, more likely you will be put in a prison cell amongst all of your co-workers. Well I'm a living witness. My hope is, PLEASE God bless me to get a new job far away from this state. Tired of being under the stress, the ongoing foolishness, and my health being affected by it. I'm not the happy, easy going person I have always been. Toxin bosses are horrible people.

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