'The Boys' - My Personal Stress Busters

by Bunny

'The Boys'

'The Boys'

My dogs are what keep me going. I have been off sick and unable to work, often unable to do much at all except feel dreadful for about 5 years now. They say when you get ill you find out who your true friends are and I certainly found mine!

I have four dogs (known collectively as 'The Boys') and many people think that they must be a big hassle or hard to deal with what with my health problems but to be honest they are what gets me up in the morning and what keeps me smiling through the tough times. They're always there rain or shine - when I can't get up til midday they are more than happy to cuddle up in bed and keep me company. When I am feeling a little better they are thrilled to accompany me on a stress busting walk and help to keep me fit and active.

They don't mind when I can do nothing but lie on the sofa all day and they are there to catch my tears when non understanding doctors, friends and family are mean to me about my illness. They make me smile at the way they are so thrilled not just when I come in from being out but just when I get up from the sofa!

They're just happy to be with me and their playfulness and happy wagging tails are infectious, in fact when I can feel myself getting upset or annoyed I stop myself because I can see it upsets them too, and it isn't worth it. I also have four cats who always seem to find their way to my lap whenever I'm stressed or upset and I often wonder how they got there. I think pets know when you are upset and naturally gravitate to you.

They inspired me to start my SBI pet loss site Pet Loss Matters.com so that whilst I can't do much I can help people who value their pets as much as I do and who sadly have lost them or are about to. Every day visitors tell me about how much their pets have enriched their lives and have been with them through really good and really bad times, and it is very humbling and helps you to remember that maybe that thing that you're getting so stressed about isn't that important after all.

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Furry comfort
by: Anonymous

You are so right about pets knowing when people need comfort. My parents used to run a nursing home. They had two cats. One was not terribly friendly to most people, but always seemed to end up on the beds of those patients who were closest to death. On one occasion she was found on the bed of a patient who had not moved or responded at all for several weeks, she was effectively in a coma, and this woman's hand was stroking the cat!

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