The Physical Effects of Stress and Tension

by J.R.
(Las Vegas, NV)

Where to begin? Actually, I can almost pin-point it.

1. 8 years ago I began to develop a reflux to certain "fatty" foods after poor eating habits for years including excessive carbs as well as late night eating.

2. Realizing that working in the casino business as well as having a gambling problem (excessive) was quite possibly the cause of the digestive problems.

3. Neck and shoulders tightening about 5 years later after continuing my habits, but reducing them a bit.

4. Continued poor eating habits, gambling, and feelings of depression and regret for the following years have led to Anxiety symptoms, nausea, light-headedness, feelings of fatigue and "flu" symptoms, as well as poor digestion, sleep and an overall tense feeling.

Stress and Anxiety will consume you unless - UNLESS you decide to put yourself FIRST! I want my life back and my health back. Exercise, diet, stopping the gambling and a change in career have become my focus. Not sure what will happen next, but it does not seem like it can get much worse. The key? Identify the cause - address it and then get rid of it forever! These are my thoughts ~ J.R. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Stress and Symptoms
by: Jill R.

Hi J.R.

It's pretty amazing how profoundly stress can affect your body, isn't it? Before I started this website I was going through something similar (without the gambling :) but my job was causing me stress, I was overeating and beginning to experience chronic gastritis... the medical bills were adding up... and as all of this went round and round, the stress just kept piling up and it really just all gets worse until you make the decision to stop the cycle, as you have.

So good for you!! Recognizing what you need to do really could be the beginning to a great new life if you also follow through with the necessary action. But it seems like you have plenty of motivation to make it happen :)

And let me tell you, from someone who has come out on the other side, life really can be great again, it just takes some effort to get there. I hope you find a lot of tools and info on this site helpful. If there is anything else I can do for you, don't hesitate to use that contact button on the navigation bar and let me know.

Best of luck!

Jill R.

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