Threw Me Under the Bus

by Annonymous
(Shreveport, Louisiana USA)

When I graduated from college, I landed my first job at a bank. I was pumped! Eager and ready to learn all about the banking world, I went in full force. It started out great. I learned anything and everything I could. Then, I got transferred to a new branch that was opening. Here, I encountered what you would refer to as THE BOSS FROM HELL. She started out great. She built up a sort of false "trust" with the few of us that were at her branch.

Soon, things took an ugly turn. She made a bad mistake on a transaction one day and blamed me for the whole thing (I was the youngest at the branch). I just wrote the incident off as a one time occurrence and forgot about it.

This type of thing started happening on a regular basis. She would screw up all the time, yell and blame me for her mistakes. She would call other managers and "warn" them about me and tell constant lies about supposed "mistakes" I made. She completely swallowed me whole and spit me right back out.

She created an intimidation type of work environment. This woman even threatened me that if I ever told anyone about anything that went on in her branch, there would be "serious consequences". Being my first job, I didn't want to be fired. I just sucked it up and took it. I even had a family member on the "Board of Trustees" at this bank and she even told him flat out LIES about me (which he bought, because well, she WAS my manager).

For nearly 2 years, I lived my life like this. Each grueling day got worse and worse. Finally, it got to the point where my relationship with my boyfriend was hanging by a thread, and all my friends/family just got tired of me constantly complaining about her. It was affecting my whole life.

I went home at night and cried. I dreaded when my alarm went off at 6:30am. It felt like I had been hit by a truck every morning when I got up. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to land another job and I now have a wonderful boss. I work in an environment now where they are eager to teach me new things and want me to excel. Looking back on my horrific boss experience, I realize I was young and naive and she knew that. She took full advantage of it.

What's even more amusing is she still asks me for help when I come in the branch. I look at her and laugh and gladly say NO. Karma is a b*tch.

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