Tim's time management tip to reduce stress

by Tim Wilson
(Cambridge, England)

My default setting is 'Do it Tomorrow'. Whatever comes my way can probably put off until the next day. Why does this work? Well, in a nutshell, it reduces the 'stimulus-response' approach and means I have a time buffer to really think about what's worth doing.

The result is a feeling of greater calm and control. It seems to cut out more time wasting activities because I react less and respond more.

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by: Jill R.

Very interesting Tim!

I'll have to put more thought into that. I do try to allow myself to realize that there will be more time tomorrow so that I don't stress over getting things done today that don't need to be...

However, I also sometimes struggle with procrastination :) So I have to find that balance between allowing myself reasonable time so as not to stress and putting things off just to avoid doing them.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us! I know you're full of great tips so don't be afraid to share more!

Jill R.

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