Tips for Reducing Stress

Tips for Reducing Stress

There are many different ways to reduce and relieve stress and what works best for you may not be what will work best for someone else. The key is to find a set of tools and techniques that can work for you under different circumstances.

When you begin to try to get your stress under control, there are many different types of techniques you can try that are proven to work. And within each category, you can then find a specific tip or technique that will work well for you and your personality.


Relaxing is one of the most popular ways to relieve stress. When you become stressed, it's important to help your body initiate a relaxation response to counteract the effects of stress.

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Another category that is essential for your stress management toolbox is exercise. Finding an exercise that you enjoy can make this an easy outlet... so don't give up just because you don't enjoy a "work-out".

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tips for reducing stress

Creativity Therapy

Finding creative outlets are another fantastic way to relieve stress. To customize this for yourself, choose your favorite creative activity such as drawing, painting, playing music, or writing.

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And Finally... Learn about Your stress

Reducing your stress is only half the battle. Learning more about stress and in particular what stresses you can help you begin to deal with your stress more effectively and ultimately allow you to begin to prevent your stress.

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