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Writing can be a fun and powerful tool in coping with stress, and sharing your true personal stories can also help others coping with stress of their own. wants to give you the opportunity to share your tips and stories online and allow you to read what others are saying!

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Happiness is Pets - Research shows that spending time with pets is a great way to relieve stress. So to celebrate the happiness that our pets bring, share a picture and a story on how your pet decreases your stress and increases your happiness!

Your Passion - This page asks you to answer the question, "If you could do anything for a living, what would it be"? Are you stuck in a job that you don't love? Have you dreamed of doing something you feel more passionate about? Stop by and tell us what you would do if you could do anything.

Bad Boss Stories - Do you have a boss or co-worker that is rude, obnoxious, or just plain drives you crazy? You can vent some of your frustrations by sharing your stories with us.

Ask the Expert - Do you have stress related questions? Ask them here and Jill Rheaume, the Certified Stress Management Coach and owner of will answer your questions as well as allow others to comment or leave answers of their own.

Your Stress Symptoms - Have you experienced unusual or serious symptoms of stress? Share your story at the bottom of our Symptoms of Stress page.

Stressed Out Parents - Share you tips and stories of how you manage your family as well as your stress. And don't forget to share those funny parenting stories as well!

Your Recipe for Happiness - I didn't want this site to be all about stress without taking time to celebrate the things in life that bring us joy. So this is your chance to share with us the things in life that make you happy :)

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Creating & Editing Videos & Designing & Sewing Fashions - How can you search for passion when you are drowning in stress? When the recession hit, my husband and I lost $40,000 in the stock market...

Exercise and Relaxation - I am a happy whippet owner and over the years with my dogs I learned from them to exercise and relax...

Pure joy with a wagging tail - When I have a bad day, just about the best stress-reducer I have found is being around my pets...

The Physical Effects of Stress and Tension - Where to begin? Actually, I can almost pin-point it. Eight years ago I began to develop a reflux to certain "fatty" foods...

Hypnosis and Birth...Best Alternative To An Epidural - My wife and I took a self-hypnosis class given by a local (yet world class) family doctor, who only follows expectant mothers...

My Crazy Boss... part deux! - It's hard to believe that I wound up working for a woman who's twice as bad as the boss before her, but it's true. So, that will make a total of 9 years...

I Am Learning to Laugh at Myself - Eight months ago I lost my job as a financial executive, and is has been a difficult time for me and my family...

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  Dear Jill,

I want to personally thank you for publishing my personal question Financial Troubles That Lead to Everyday Stress on your wonderful website. I want to tell you I absolutely love the e-zine and all the wonderful resources that come with it. It sure helps my stressful life!! Great job, well done Jill!!

Jacksonville, FL


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