Unexpected 2

So an update from my previous post.

I went into work this morning and toward the end of the day I made a mistake on a client chart. The doctor was extremely upset and told me I could should always ask her if I don't understand something.

I apoligized and told her I wouldn't make the same mistake twice (however, I have asked her questions before and she was upset and said I was incomptent).

So in the end she told me this job may not be a good fit for me and I may not be suited for the field. She told me to think about it this weekend.

I'm extremely conflicted because I really enjoy the veterinary field and started taking classed to become a certified/licensed vet tech. But after this I'm confuse about if maybe I love the field but I'm not good at the job. Or maybe I'm not intelligent enough. I keep running through my mistakes and I can't decifer if I really am imcomptent or if I had so much anxiety that I made mistakes I wouldn't normally.

Any thoughts or advise will be greatly apperciated. Thanks!

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It's just lack of proper training. NEW
by: Tony

Probably easily rectified, it's just a lack of proper training.

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