Walking and Well.....

by Shyronn Crider
(Highland, Ar)

I have only just found out the truth in exercise being a stress reducer.

During the spring I started a "diet", and well, while I was losing weight, the toning still needed some work. I am not the person that hits the gym at 6 in the morning, nor do I enjoy a brisk evening run. If I have to leave the house, I won't to it.

So, that left me looking for a good home DVD workout. I found Leslie Sansone's DVD Home Walking videos. Nothing fancy, no dance moves, highly motivational.....I got my hands on at least 4 different ones!

Then I got to work. Literally. After a few months, weight is still slowly coming off, toning is happening, and... less stress!

I didn't really see the stress thing until I couldn't workout for 10 days or so. The change was amazing, enough that I now hardly allow my self to miss a workout.

If someone is under stress----I would strongly suggest exercise before anything else, as it has helped with both stress and also with an mild on going bout of depression.

Jill, I appreciate this site, aimed at managing stress - with a business at home, family, and full college load, you have some great tips here for reducing stress!


Shyronn from The Self Esteem Shop!

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I couldn't agree more!
by: Jill R.

Hi Shyronn,

Thanks for the kind comments about the site, and I couldn't agree with you more!

I am also one of those who prefers to work out at home... in private. It was very hard for me to get started, but once you get in the habit of getting exercise, it's amazing how so many other things fall into place.

Pain relief... stress relief... weight loss... and so much more.

I do believe that exercise is under-rated so I'm always looking for good tips like yours to share with others to help them find something that will give them the courage to just get started.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Jill R.

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