What is Stress Management

It's mentioned everywhere... you hear about it all the time... but what is stress management, exactly?

Managing your stress is about more than simply taking a long walk after a huge argument with your spouse. Effective stress management is more of a lifestyle.

Managing your stress effectively takes a whole host of tools and requires you to put them into practice on a daily basis in many different areas of your life.

For example, besides being good for your body, a healthy diet is also good for your mind. Food is fuel. The right balance of food can help to keep the chemicals in your brain that effect your mood working properly.

Stress Tip: To ensure you'll have the energy you need to tackle your day, never skip breakfast. This can effect not only your energy level, but also your concentration and memory.

what is stress management

Stress management is a way of life.

It's about recognizing and monitoring your symptoms of stress.

It's about finding stress management activities that work for you and not giving up until you do.

And it's about staying on top of your stress so that you begin to prevent it.

So What is Stress Management?

It is taking control of your life and your efforts to manage your stress so that you can live a longer, happier, and healthier life. It's about making a commitment to yourself to do what is necessary to feel better rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

Practicing effective stress management may very well change your life.

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