Yoga for Stress Management

Using Yoga for Stress Management

It's commonly known that exercise relieves stress. And while even a small amount of physical activity can bring relief, many believe that yoga is one of the best exercises for stress management.

Yoga has become very popular for health and well being and has inspired many of the other popular stress management techniques that are used today.

Generally speaking, Yoga is a series of poses and stretches combined with controlled breathing. It can bring a sense of relaxation, calm, and a feeling of being centered in addition to having stress relief benefits that physical activity brings.

While some forms of Yoga are slow, other forms can be quite intense and physical. The type of Yoga you participate in will depend on your skill level as well as your desired physical results. However, the benefits related to stress management will remain the same.

yoga for stress management

How can Yoga help to manage your stress?

It can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, create a calm, relaxed feeling and a sense of "oneness" and well being.

It lowers your cortisol levels which can be increased by stress. High levels of cortisol can increase your blood pressure, increase abdominal fat, and decrease energy and your immunity among other things.

Yoga can reduce muscle tension that is often associated with stress, helping you to become more relaxed and relieve associated pain.

Yoga done in the evening can often help with sleep. Getting a good nights' sleep is sometimes difficult when we're stressed. Yoga can calm your body and your mind to help you fall sound asleep.

Using Yoga for stress management is a popular technique that can be a great addition to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Please Note: While yoga is a great exercise and can bring improvements to your health and well being, it isn't right for everyone. Doing the exercises incorrectly can cause injury and you should never push yourself if it doesn't feel right. As always, be sure to get your Doctor's approval before beginning this or any exercise program.

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