Zazen Meditation

Zazen Meditation

This is my favorite type of meditation because it is simple enough for me to do without the need for guidance. However, don't get me wrong, while it is known for its "simplicity", it can be quite difficult, especially for beginners.

Zazen Meditation is also known as "sitting meditation" because all you have to do is sit and stay present. Like I said, it sounds simple but it can actually be very difficult... especially for those who have difficulty sitting still or for people who have difficulty keeping their thoughts from wandering.

The benefits of this meditation are quite great. It can help you to become a calmer person, with less stress, and help you feel more in tune and in control of your mind and body... which will help you deal with difficult situations more appropriately. By doing this, you can also experience lower levels of blood pressure, less muscle tension, lower heart rate and respiration rate, and better sleep among many other benefits.

Many believe that practicing Zazen will also bring you clarity and enlightenment and help you to find answers to questions that you seek in your own life.

zazen meditation

Practicing Zazen Mediation

To begin, sit cross-legged or with your legs folded under using a meditation pillow or cushion. Be sure to choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed if you're new to meditation or if you have trouble keeping your concentration. Sit up straight with your shoulders back and your head tilted slightly down.

Begin by breathing through your nose with your focus on your breath. Notice all of the attributes of your breath without trying to change it. Your goal is to simply stay present and take notice. If you notice your mind wandering, gently bring your attention back to your breath.

Again, I know it sounds simple, but it can be quite difficult. So start with just three to five minutes and work your way up to ten to fifteen minute sessions.

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